Along with having beautiful concrete work comes with protection from the elements and overall use.

At GR Trumble, we offer a two step process called PROTECRETE® Sealer. PROTECRETE® waterproofs, resists oil, enhances traction, and improves freeze-thaw damage resistance. PROTECRETE® is applied in two parts:

  • First the penetrating densifier coat is applied with an airless high-pressure sprayer to form a gel-like barrier preventing water and other harmful agents from entering the concrete.

  • The area is then washed with a high-pressure water sprayer.

  • Finally, the Surface Repeller is applied creating a tough breathable barrier providing additional resistance against surface spalls.
Don't let your beautiful concrete work become a victim of wear or the elements. To find out more information, click here or call 1-859-283-9090.
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