Listed below are some of the awards we have received for our quality work and craftsmanship in the decorative concrete industry. Please click on each thumbnail image to get a better view.
  2002 Homefest for The Drees Company
1st Place for Concrete Excellence
  The decorative sidewalk and porch were chosen to add street appeal to the fašade of this show home. The multiple colors and patterns of the sidewalk and porch were chosen to compliment the stone and brick used on the structure. The random shaped entry sidewalk created a casual feeling as one walked to the front door.

The field tile is a stencil pattern called Ashlar. The field color hardener is Sun Buff with Pewter release. The border is a Cobblestone stencil. The color is Redwood with Clear release. The texture is the same as the field. The porch riser is textured with the two referenced colors. A one half inch half round was cast into the porch riser to delineate the cobblestone border from the remaining vertical surface. This created a point on the vertical riser surface to separate the two colors and create the realism of a cobblestone paver.

  Concrete Products Magazine - National Contest
2002 Concrete Pavement Award
Residential - Editor's Choice
  The compass was chosen by our customer to become a feature on the surface of his porch. Mr. Bunger, an engineer, was elated to have a piece of his life become a part of his new home.

The compass is a paper stencil with a diameter of five and one half feet. There are five colors within the compass. To accent the North direction we had a stainless steel triangle made to fit into the peak of the North diamond.

The compass is the feature on a six-inch thick suspended steel reinforced concrete slab. The porch slab is the cover of the dwelling's cistern.

  Concrete Products Magazine - National Contest
2002 Concrete Pavement Award
Commercial - 1st Place
  St. Catherine was bequeathed a sum of money to replace the aging plain concrete entry area. The building committee approached us to design and construct the new entry area using colored and textured concrete.

The shape and area of the new entry remained the same as the existing entry area. We chose to use the circular shape of the steps and front aluminum entry in our design. We created panels that lead one to the doorways by constructing bands of contrasting color in the plaza area. The bands creating the panels were constructed separately from the panel field area. The steps were cast individually from the top down. This method was used to maintain uniform curves with crisp detail. The existing sign base was plastered and textured to match the steps. The crosses were cut into the base to break up the mass of the base.

We used two main colors. We wanted to visually delineate the steps and bands from the plaza area and compliment the orange-brown random stone and sandstone panels used on the structure. To create the realism of a cut stone step tread we chose to color the riser the field color. The field color is Sun Buff with Pewter release. The steps are Sabal with Maplewood release. The stamp pattern is Random Olde English Slate.

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