G.R. Trumble Construction Co., Inc.

Concrete Contractors - Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Began business: August 1974

Founder: George R. Trumble

George R. Trumble Construction Co., Inc. was formed August 1974 after George F. Trumble (George R's father), owner of Trumble & Sons Concrete Contractors decided to stop doing concrete flatwork and concentrate all of his time to excavating and his poured concrete wall (concrete foundations) business.

All of the trucks and equipment used for concrete flatwork were sold to his son, George R. Trumble. The concrete flatwork customers and eight employees became part of the new company, G.R. Trumble Construction Co., Inc. in August 1974.

In 1976, Trumble & Sons Concrete Contractors decided to get out of the poured concrete wall business. G.R. Trumble Construction Co., Inc. hired some of Trumble & Sons employees, purchased new forms and equipment and took over the poured concrete wall business for Trumble & Sons.

This same year (1976), the company re-organized as George R. Trumble, Inc. (a C-Corporation incorporated in the state of Kentucky) doing business as G.R. Trumble Construction Co., Inc. Throughout this web site, we shall refer to the company as G.R. Trumble or simply Trumble.

The company continued to prosper under the guidance of its president George R. Trumble and by the year 2000 Trumble employed 120 knowledgeable and dedicated employees. Some of the employees who came over from Trumble & Sons Concrete Contractors in 1974 and 1976 (over 26 years ago) are still part of the Trumble team in 2002 as laborers, supervisors, and, management. We owe 100% of our companies growth and continued success to these skilled employees who continue to give us the "competitive edge" and to the hundreds of residential and commercial customers who have used us to meet their concrete needs for almost 30 years.

Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial; flatwork, foundations or decorative concrete, G.R. Trumble is the tri-state's leader in our industry for quality, dependability, service, and price.

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